Traction Alopecia: Treatment, Causes and Prevention

What is Traction Alopecia?

Traction Alopecia, as the name implies, is hair loss reason is caused by stress or pulling. While the word “alopecia” may send shudders down your spine, it is something you can control. You can stop it and prevent it from happening to you. Let us find out the most important facts about this condition.

traction alopecia


Traction alopecia is caused by too much tension on hair due to the following:

  • Trichotillomania (an impulse disorder characterized by excessive hair pulling with the hands)

  • Frequent use of hair rollers

  • Tight headwear

  • Habitual use of tight headbands, hair clips, and barrettes

  • Frequent use of glue-on hair weaves and wigs

  • Dreadlocks

  • Tight pigtails, ponytails, and braids

  • Excessive use of chemicals for hair treatments

Whether young or old, male or female, you can be affected by traction alopecia if you use or do the things mentioned above. However, African American women are more likely candidates for traction alopecia because of their hairstyling techniques. The same is true with ballerinas who usually have their hair tied in tight ponytails.


Traction alopecia hair loss solution and hair loss treatment is more effective and easily done if diagnosed early. The usual symptoms of this condition are:

  • Excessive hair loss and damage

  • Bald spots in random parts of the head

  • Itchiness and redness in the scalp

  • Blisters and pimples in the scalp

  • Headaches


What are the treatments for Traction Alopecia? For the hair loss treatment and hair loss solution to be effective, traction alopecia should be detected before it reaches the stage of permanent damage. The good news is that stopping this condition is fairly easy. Here are the best practices in treating or stopping traction alopecia:

  • Change of hairstyle

  • Use of mild hair products

  • Injection of intralesional corticosteroids

  • Application of minoxidil

  • Regular use of jojoba oil, coconut oil, argan oil or castor oil


This is how to prevent Traction Alopecia. Hair loss is a devastating condition but it can be prevented. You need to protect yourself and your loved ones from traction alopecia by doing the following:

  • Use gentle hair accessories. Make sure that they do not fit too tightly around your head. Change the position of bobby pins and barrettes as often as possible.

  • Keep your braids loose. If possible, choose big braids over small ones. Lots of small braids create too much stress and traction on your hair. Make sure that you don’t feel any tugging or pulling when you move or rotate your head.

  • Keep chemical hair treatments at a minimum. The rise in the number of alopecia cases seem to correspond with the emergence of DIY hair treatments. It is tragic truth that more and more women are experiencing hair loss due to hair straightening chemicals. If you want to have your hair straightened, better have it done by a professional or follow the directions to the dot.

  • Switch hairstyles as often as possible. Ponytails are the most convenient hairstyle for everyone. However, they are not good for your hair’s roots. Switch your hairstyle into something else or let your hair loose at night before going to bed.

These are the Things that you should know about Traction Alopecia. Be mindful of the state of your hair and scalp. Use the information you just obtained to take care of your hair. Seek professional help as soon as you notice any of the symptoms mentioned above. 

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