What Is Hair Weaving?

Weaving is a non-surgical hair restoration procedure in which real or synthetic hair fibers are attached to existing hair follicles or to the areas of the scalp affected by hair loss or thinning hair. Weaving procedures attach synthetic or real hair fibers to the scalp or existing hair follicles through a variety of methods, and which method is ultimately utilized often depends on the hairstyle the patient is trying to achieve through the hair restoration process.

It is most often the case that weaving procedures can be completed without the use of adhesives, and a skilled specialist can indeed produce a natural-looking result with a weave. This requires that the weave is completed using synthetic hair fibers matching the specific characteristics of the patient’s natural hair, otherwise the presence of the weave will be almost painfully obvious to even the most casual of observers. The weaving method — as well as the manner in which the synthetic hair fibers are arranged and blended — will play an important role in whether or not the weave is indistinguishable from the patient’s naturally occurring hair.

Patients who ultimately opt for a weave as a solution to the hair loss or thinning hair they have thus far experienced typically prefer a non-surgical solution to a surgical one, or they may simply be looking for a temporary solution that delivers immediate results. While weaving procedures do result in an immediate solution, a weave is not a permanent solution and will require the patient to abide by several ongoing care procedures that are sometimes viewed as an inconvenience. It is therefore the case that patients must carefully weigh the potential benefits of a weaving procedure against the drawbacks and inherent limitations associated with a weave.

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