When Does A Hair Transplant Not Work Well?

It is rarely the case that a hair transplant does not go well, particularly if the patient and doctor have discussed the patient’s goals and objectives and reached a mutual agreement regarding a specific course of action. This discussion typically occurs during the initial consultation process, at which time the doctor can evaluate the patient’s overall health as well as the availability of sufficient donor hair to achieve the level of coverage and density desired by the patient.

If any conditions exist that might have an adverse impact on the outcome of a hair transplant procedure, the doctor will be able to readily identify these issues during the consultation process, long before these issues can have any sort of a negative impact on the results the patient experiences. Once any issues are identified, the doctor may be able to recommend corrective action — the cessation of tobacco use, for example. Other issues, such as a lack of adequate donor hair or progressive hair loss of existing (non-transplanted hair), could be more difficult to overcome, but there are certainly options available for a doctor to recommend to a patient dealing with such an issue.

Of course, patients that fail to adhere to any of the doctor’s instructions — whether those instructions pertain to the pre- or post-operative process — are far more likely to experience adverse consequences resulting in a hair transplant that does not work as well as it should. For example, a patient who engages in strenuous activity immediately following the completion of a strip hair restoration might find that the increased blood flow throughout the body — the scalp included — prevents some of the transplanted follicles from becoming permanently established in the recipient site. Post-operative missteps such as this can be corrected, but it is obviously best if patients simply abide by the pre- and post-operative care instructions to ensure an exceptional outcome right from the start.

Last but not least, taking care of your existing hair is important to achieving a good result. If your existing hair continues to fall, you may not be satisfied with your end result because it will be 1 minus 1 = Zero. Therefore, it is paramount to use Rogaine / Minoxidil 5% and/or Propecia to preserve your existing hair.

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