Affordable And Ultra-Natural Hair Transplant in Dubai

An Ultra-natural and affordable hair transplant in Dubai, is a medical procedure that aims to successfully bring back natural hair. This is made possible by surgically transplanting hair follicles from one part of the body to another. The procedure comes in three variants namely follicular unit strip surgery, scalp reduction, and follicular unit extraction.

affordable hair transplant dubai

Affordable Hair Transplant in Dubai

Some of the benefits of the hair replacement Dubai procedure include;

  1. The process is natural in its entirety as compared to other hair revival methods which involve synthetic remedies.
  2. The majority of patients have succeeded in restoring their hair in one attempt of the procedure. This is a higher hair transplant success rate than any other alternative.
  3. One can completely avoid the effects of balding if they start the treatment early enough.
  4. The transplant is based on the uniformity of distribution ensuring that your overall follicular distribution is maintained and your hair grows without hindrance.

Our service has an unrivaled success rate despite being affordable and natural. You don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for a quality hair transplant in Dubai anymore.

Thinning Hair Problems? Going Bald? Scalp Micropigmentation May Be Your Best Bet.

Do you have thinning hair because of alopecia, menopause or male pattern baldness? Are you going bald and want to have your hair back?

If you don’t want to wear wigs or a hair replacement system, and think you’re not yet ready for a hair transplant, Scalp Micropigmentation, is the novel remedy for baldness. It may be your best bet.

Essentially, scalp micropigmentation is a non-surgical hair restoration solution. It is a cutting-edge, non-surgical office-based procedure that is non-invasive and uses sophisticated micro needles that deposit pigment into the scalp. The SMP technique replicates tiny hair follicles to restore thinning hair and resemble its previous density.

Does it hurt? Not really. During the Scalp Micropigmentation procedure, you may feel a bit of discomfort in certain areas of the scalp. But the discomfort wears off once the procedure is complete.”

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​Thinning Hair Problems? Going Bald? Scalp Micropigmentation May Be your Best Bet. ​

Fadra says Scalp Micropigmentation is a long-term solution for hair loss. The results including color and strength should last at least five years. At such point, one can undergo a touch-up procedure to restore any fading.

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