What Is Better: Hair Transplant Or Weaving?

hair weaving maxim hair restorationMen and women dealing with issues stemming from thinning hair or hair loss have a wide variety of options from which to choose, including several surgical and non-surgical options. Hair transplant procedures fall into the category of surgical options, while weaving procedures fall into the category of non-surgical options. It is quite common for patients to wonder which procedure is best for addressing their hair loss or thinning hair before deciding to undergo a surgical or non-surgical hair restoration procedure.

From an objective, results-oriented perspective, hair transplants are the better option between the two, particularly since a hair transplant delivers a permanent solution to hair loss or thinning hair in such way that the transplanted hair is indistinguishable from the patient’s naturally growing hair. Many weaving procedures also rely on the patient’s own hair, but it is often the case that synthetic hair materials must be utilized to ensure adequate coverage of the areas of the scalp affected by hair loss of thinning hair.

Patients seeking a natural-looking hairline through a hair restoration procedure are far more likely to achieve a positive outcome through the use of a surgical hair transplant procedure such as a Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT), also known as the Strip hair transplant procedure or a Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), also known as the No Stitch, No Linear Scar Technique. Among the best surgical options, patients can select a minimally invasive procedure or a procedure requiring very little downtime, but it is always a sound idea to discuss the different choices available to a patient during the initial consultation process.

Of course, some patients may simply view a surgical procedure as a non-starter and will only select from the non-surgical options available to them. It is only in this circumstance that one can logically conclude that a weaving procedure is better than a surgical hair transplant procedure, but that does not necessarily mean that weaving procedures are the best option among the different non-surgical hair restoration procedures that are currently performed by hair restoration surgery specialists. Other non-surgical hair restoration procedures include Scalp Micropigmentation, and Laser Hair Therapy, among quite a few others.

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