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Are You a Candidate?


Not everyone is a candidate for a hair transplant. Generally, one must be at least 21 years of age and be suffering from male pattern baldness in order to be a good candidate. Those who are experiencing perpetual or heavy hair loss may not be ideal candidates for a hair transplant.

Men and women who suffer from Alopecia Ariata, dermatitis, lichen planis, melanoma, lichen planopilaris and other scalp or skin conditions may not be a candidate for a hair transplant.  Your MAXiM hair replacement and Hair Transplant Physician may recommend taking a biopsy of your skin to determine if you have any such conditions.

The hair transplant procedure only takes hair from the donor areas and transplants it to the thinning and balding areas.  A hair transplant cannot prevent loss of hair that you still have.  Therefore, your MAXiM Hair Transplant Physician may recommend that you use Rogaine or Propecia following your procedure to prevent existing hair from falling out.

Some drugs may have certain reversible side effects.  Your MAXiM Hair Transplant Physician will advise you regarding the potential benefits and risks of such medications.

Among women, good candidates for a hair transplant are those suffering from female pattern baldness.  Women with hair loss due to pregnancy, hormonal changes, post-menopause, stress, anxiety and other factors are generally not candidates for a hair transplant since such hair loss may be temporary and alternative treatments may be available.

Finally, among men and women, if hair loss has stabilized but one does not have adequate hair in the donor sites, these people may not be good candidates for a hair transplant.  This is because the hair restoration and hair transplant procedure is a natural process that takes one’s own natural hair and transplants it to the recipient sites.

The best way to determine if you are a candidate for a hair transplant is to visit a MAXiM Hair Transplant Physician near you for a complimentary consultation.

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