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When Is A Woman A Good Candidate For Hair Transplant Surgery?

Balding does not only happen to men. Many women of all ages also have this kind of problem. This is why it is puzzling to know that most reported cases of hair transplant surgery involve more men than women. This article will try to answer the above question.

A Woman A Good Candidate For Hair Transplant

Many women are not good candidates for hair transplant surgery. They have a different type of hair loss from that of men. Men have naturally-occurring enzymes in their body that blend with testosterone. This creates the chemical DHT that causes hair loss or male pattern baldness. Male pattern hair loss affects the front and top part of the head. The sides and the back are usually unaffected. These parts are still covered by healthy hair follicles that don’t shrink unlike the hair follicles on top part of their heads. They make excellent donor grafts. This makes hair transplant surgery in men very successful and permanent. The donor hair from the healthy hair follicles will survive and flourish long after the hair transplant surgery.

In women, the sides and the back of their hair become thin like the front and top part of their head. There is a very high possibility that donor hair will fall off after hair transplant surgery.

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Women very rarely experience receding hairlines. Their hair usually thins uniformly. Hair transplant means moving hair from one place to another, so it may not be the best solution to female hair loss.

Only women who have healthy areas of hair follicles are good candidates for hair transplant. Examples of these are women who have continuously scratched a part of their scalp for a long period of time, have used tights hair accessories, have had hair procedures that require stretching or pulling, those who suffered burns or trauma during an accident, and those who have incision sites from a cosmetic surgery.

If you are one of these women, consulting a doctor is very much worth your time. This is the best way to find out if you are a good candidate for hair transplant surgery.

There are non-surgical hair loss solutions available to women including, but not limited to, Scalp Micropigmentation, MicroPoint as well as advanced hair pieces and systems, particularly if you are not found to be a good candidate for hair transplants.

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