Hair Plugs

The term hair plugs sound old-fashioned in the world of advanced hair transplant procedures. But hair plugs are actually a type of hair transplant. It can refer either to the shape of the hair removed from the donor site in a hair transplant, as well as the actual implanted hair.

What are Hair Plugs?

In the 20th century, a hair plug was a group of hair shafts that included follicles removed in a circular pattern. The hair plug was taken from what is called the “donor site.” That is typically the area around the back and sides of the head where hair grows thickest and is resistant to hair loss.

The instrument used to remove the hair was called a “punch,” because it worked similarly to a hole puncher. The hair plug was implanted into the area of thinning or bald scalp called the recipient site.

In the past, the entire “plug” was transplanted to the recipient site intact. That means the shape of the hair implant was round, exactly as it was taken from the donor site.

Modern hair transplant techniques, including follicular unit transplantation (FUT) and follicular unit extraction (FUE), involve implanting very few hair follicles at a time to the hairline and balding areas of the scalp. These methods create a more natural appearance when the transplanted hair grows in; they also minimize scarring.

How Can Hair Plugs Help You?

Hair plugs and other forms of hair transplantation are the only way to regrow your own hair in large amounts, and in an artful and youthful way. The hair will continue to flourish and grow throughout your life. Hair transplantation is usually accomplished in one comfortable session using only local anesthetic.

Are You a Candidate for Hair Plugs?

Men and women with androgenic alopecia, or pattern baldness, are excellent candidates for hair plugs or other hair transplant techniques. If hair loss is due to a different health condition, the procedure may not be right for you. Your hair implant specialist can determine if you are a candidate for a hair transplant or hair plugin.

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