The world is fraught with fraudulent products and some of them are supposedly good at promoting hair restoration. There are people who take advantage of others who are going through desperate times. These vulnerable people are easy victims to scams if they are not careful. If you are suffering from hair loss, it is likely that you have come across advertisements that promote herbal substances, food supplements, creams, shampoos, and even special diets that target consumers like you. While there are FDA approved drugs that are genuinely effective, the bureau prohibits the sale of over-the-counter products that claim to restore hair loss. Here are things you need to keep in mind so you don’t fall victim to hair restoration frauds:

· Aside from Rogaine or Propecia which appear to be adequate at preserving hair, creams or lotions applied directly to the scalp are not effective at preserving or growing hair. For treatments to be effective, they need to be able to get into the roots of your hair.

· Anybody who says clogged hair follicles are keeping your hair from growing is either lying or just don’t know enough.

· The only situation where you absolutely need vitamins and food supplements to combat hair loss is when you are suffering from anorexia nervosa or if you are malnourished.

· Some products only make you believe that your hair is growing thicker or stronger when you use them because they make your hair feel or even look good. The reality is that they only coat the strands of your hair but they can’t do anything with its internal form.

· Take with a pinch of salt the testimonials from individuals who claim that a particular product has miraculously worked for them. These fake advertisements will end up with words that will convince you to buy the product because it is guaranteed positive results. First, it is easy to create fake testimonials from fake people. Some companies even pay people to lie to the camera just to make the ads more convincing. Second, even if those testimonials were honest and true, it is still not a guarantee that the same result will happen to you.

There are hair restoration techniques that are legal and effective. Although they are just a bit uncomfortable and cost a bit more than pills and creams, they are still preferable than no results at all, or worse, adverse side effects.

Rather that wasting money on these fraudulent products, choose hair transplant surgery performed by plastic surgeons. Hair transplant is a natural, safe, effective and permanent process to restore hair. Long-term, it is more cost-effective and affordable compared to lotions, potions and other non-surgical techniques that don’t work very effectively.

MAXIM Hair Restoration specializes in mega hair transplants of up to 4,500 grafts per session. Our plastic surgeons are experienced with hair transplant procedures and we attract clients from all over the world. We have locations in Dubai and Manila, Philippines, and have affiliate surgeons in Connecticut, New York, Chicago and other cities in the U.S. MAXIM offers free consultations for hair transplants.

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