Thousands of people with hair loss problems have regained their self-esteem using scalp micropigmentation. In fact, several celebrities like Quinton Fortune and Joey Lawrence have been rumored to have had scalp micropigmentation. But because of confidentiality, clinics do not discuss their clients’ cases. Scalp micropigmentation is a permanent and affordable solution to hair loss and balding. What is great about it is that it does not require any harsh medicines or complicated maintenance. The public only needs to have relevant and factual information about this exciting hair loss solution.

micropigmentation maxim hair restorationWhat is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp micropigmentation is also known as medical hairline tattoo. It is a non-surgical, transformative hair loss treatment using natural pigments which are applied to the scalp’s epidermis. The result imitates the natural appearance of hair follicles.

What Does Scalp Micropigmentation Do?

 Imitate the look of a full head of hair.

 Gives you a youthful appearance with natural-looking front and side hairline.

 Conceals the signs of alopecia.

 Conceals ugly scars from hair transplant.

 Gives a fuller look to hair transplant.

When Should I Get Scalp Micropigmentation?

Are you feeling unattractive and old because of your thinning hair? Are you going bald and it is making you feel depressed and less confident? Have you spent a lot of money on hair regrow medications, wigs, and hair transplants? If you said “Yes!” to any or all of the above questions, scalp micropigmentation is right for you.

Scalp Micropigmentation is suitable for men and women and all types of hair loss. Whether you are Asian or American, student or professional, this treatment can give you a shaved hairstyle for a youthful, more attractive appearance.

How is Scalp Micropigmentation Done?

Scalp micropigmentation is a gradual process, usually 2-3 sessions that are spaced about a week apart. This makes the building up of color and density subtle and unnoticeable. Each session lasts for about 3-4 hours. The treatment uses various needle sizes, angles, penetration, and distribution. State-of- the-art pigment solutions are used to exactly match your natural hair color.

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