Before undergoing a Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT), patients should expect to have an individual consultation with a MAXIM Hair Restoration specialist during which the desired outcome of the transplant process is discussed and a plan of action is determined. The consultation includes a discussion of the many hair loss treatments available, including surgical and non-surgical hair loss solutions. Once the most ideal treatment for hair loss is determined, an appointment for the procedure can be scheduled.

On the day of the procedure, the patient will be treated with a local anesthetic before the surgeon and medical assistants begin the hair restoration process. Every effort is made to ensure that a hair transplant is a comfortable experience and most patients express gratitude to the doctor and staff for all of their efforts in fostering a relaxing environment during this treatment for hair loss.

The patient will be given specific instructions to follow after the completion of the treatment for hair loss and should expect the transplanted hair to fall out within a few weeks of the procedure. This hair will begin to re-grow four months following the procedure, and the results of the procedure will be apparent approximately six months after the treatment for hair loss.

You are required to come for a follow-up visit ten days following your procedure as well as a few months after the procedure as instructed by your MAXiM surgeon.

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