Are Vegetarians More Prone To Hair Loss?

Are you prone to hair loss? Have you been wondering what the secret to healthy hair is? Maybe it is an exotic elixir from Africa or Morocco that is yet to be discovered? Or maybe it is the latest hair care product everyone in Hollywood has been talking about?

You will be surprised to find out that having healthy hair is fairly easy. Sticking to a balanced diet rich in protein, iron, and zinc can do wonders to your hair. Healthy hair means that the strands are not easily broken, the scalp is not dry, and the shaft is shiny.

Shedding is a normal phase of hair growth. During this stage, about 50 to 100 strands of hair fall out. This is not easily noticeable. However, excess hair loss can become apparent as a significant number of hair strands enter this phase all at the same time. If this happens, a visit to a hair restoration specialist is necessary for early detection of a possible serious illness that may be causing hair loss.

Vegetarians are Prone to Hair Loss

In most cases of hair loss, iron deficiency is the culprit. If this is true for you, the remedy is simple: a balanced diet. Your daily food intake should have proper amount of iron, protein, zinc, and other minerals. The best source of iron is lean meat. However, there are vegetables that have high iron content like soybeans, lentils, and spinach. The problem is, the human body does not absorb iron from plants as efficiently as it does from animal sources. If you are a vegetarian and you are experiencing hair loss, you should immediately ask your hair doctor for an iron test. If the results show that you have iron deficiency, the hair specialist may prescribe an iron supplement for you.

vegetarians prone to hair loss

Another concern with regards to a vegetarian diet is inadequate protein intake. Like iron, protein is also an important factor in keeping your hair in good condition. Protein is manufactured in the body by essential amino acids that can be derived from meat or fish. Vegans have the tendency of not having enough of these building blocks of protein in their diet. However, vegans may incorporate quinoa, soy, tofu, and kale to their diet as sources of protein.

Zinc deficiency is also common among people following a vegetarian diet. Zinc is necessary in human cell growth. Without zinc, the cells in your scalp get weak, resulting in major hair loss. Zinc can be derived from legumes, oatmeal, and nuts. Unfortunately, these food items contain phytates which can bind to zinc and even iron, making you absorb less of these minerals. The solution would be to take dietary supplements to prevent hair loss and minimize the need for a hair transplant.

Is Diet causing Hair Thinning?

Hair loss or hair thinning can be terrifying whether you are male or female. It is your body telling you that there is something wrong. In some cases, genes can be blamed. In others, an unhealthy diet is the root cause. Many vegetarians have reported cases of hair loss meaning they’re prone to hair loss. This, however, does not mean that following a vegetarian lifestyle is bad. You just need to consult a health expert to make sure that you are getting enough minerals needed for healthy hair and body.

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